The residence with the name Aspasia is an enchanting house with particularly cosy spaces with light and frugal lines. The harmony of spaces in levels, the arches, erratic walls, the galleries and Venetian walls that constitute a part of the house, create an astonishing cluster of medieval architecture. This residence occupies the ground floor and the first floor of the lodging and is consisted of:

  • the ground floor with the vaulted roof, from two rooms placed in different levels and a bathroom.
  • the first floor with rooms that have been developed on three levels which include the living room, the dining room and kitchen, two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

he communication between ground floor and first floor become via gallery opened up in part of the Venetian walls, an old structural intervention that was maintained and developed. Two splendid, spacious verandas and exostis precisely next to and on the Venetian wall in the old city, complete the structure and operation of this residence, creating outdoor spaces for separate family or friendly gatherings, ensuring also unhindered view of traditional backstreets, roofs and lofts of buildings of the neighborhood and of the mountains in the south and of the majestic harbour. Access to the residence can easily be accomplished on foot from Duke Street 70m from the coast of Koyntoyriotoy but also from the 1st byway of Meletioy Street (extension of Theotokopoyloy), a road which allows the passing of cars on specific hours of the day (from 3:00 until 10:00). The residence Aspasia is completely furnished and fully equipped. In the living room, with its high ceiling, there is a three seated couch with a low coffee table, baggage space and a TV table. In the dining room -kitchen with an arch and the erratic walls, exists a big oak table of food that is surrounded by four oak chairs and three seated couch but also the completely equipped cooker with the big cupboards, two electric ceramic hearths, electric oven, refrigerator, washing-machine, with coffee-pot, kettle, toaster and a number of other of utensils (dishes, glasses, mugs, cutlery, etc) that allow a comfortable long-lasting stay. In the master bedroom, that is found in the loft – beings of level of a’ floor, exists a metallic double bed, dimensions 1,80×2,00, with his accompanied bedside tables, two chairs, cabinet, the mirror and a bifoliate wardrobe of dimensions1,00×1,60. Precisely below this room is the second bedroom of the floor which has two single beds of dimensions 0,90×2,00 (that can be put together as a double bed), a bedside table, a bookshelf with a mirror, a chair and a bifoliate wardrobe of dimensions 0,80×1,80. Two baths with closed showers and selected types of hygiene, delimited in different levels supplement the arrangement of level of the first floor. In the room of ground floor with the vaulted roof exists metal double bed of dimensions 1,30×2,00 with a smaller wardrobe of dimensions 0,45×1,80, small table, bookshelf and big clothes rack with the sheets the towels and the covers – quilts of the residence. In different level, in the same level (being) is developed the second room of ground floor that is constituted by couch – bed of dimensions 1,00×2,00 and a wardrobe. Underneath is found the bathroom of level of ground floor with an open shower. On the verandas of this residence, flowers in ceramic flowerpots have been planted and there is also an outdoor table with four chairs and an umbrella providing shade. The residence Aspasia allocates autonomous system of heating with thermal bodies placed in all its spaces, air conditioning on the first floor with two autonomous air conditioners (the air conditioning in the space of the ground floor was not judged essential because the place in combination the ground, where is ensured satisfactory temperature – is provided fan even if is not required), solar heating (with possibility of electric operation and operation with the heating of residence) but also an independent boiler – electric heater. Additional equipment that is provided in the residence are clothes lines, a vacuum cleaner, cleaning detergents, a hair dryer, an iron and ironing board, a television, a DVD – CD player, a small bookshelf, a DVD player, a radio, satellite connection and internet access.


Master bedroom Double bedded bedroom One bedroom with two single beds One room with a couch – bed
Living room Dining room 2 bathrooms with closed showers One bathroom with open shower
Cooker with two electric hobs Electric oven Refrigerator Washing-machine
Coffee-pot Kettle Toaster Kitchen utensils
Big table with six chairs Umbrella Two sun beds Central Heating System
A/C Solar heating electric heater Hair dryer
Iron and Ironing board TV DVD player Radio
CD player Alarm System Satellite connection Free Internet access

Prices 2024

Season1-4 People5 People6 People
1st November – 31st March170 €190 €210 €
1st April - 30th June190 €210 €230 €
1st July - 31st August240 €260 €280 €
1st September - 31st October190 €210 €230 €